Bill Cosby – To Be or Not To Be

Bill Cosby: To Be Be or Not To Be

There are several perspectives from which the Bill Cosby rape allegations situation can be viewed from. One of those perspectives is what I call the 50,000′ view. This perspective is exercised by those who have absolutely no vested interest in the case and who don’t have an opinion regarding the allegations because they realize they simply do not have the facts.  Another perspective is that of those who admire Bill Cosby and will be by his side no matter what. Yet another perspective is that of those who believe the accusers are doing the right thing by finally coming forward. In other words, completely neutral or the choosing of one side or the other. The latter two perspectives each offer a veritable plethora of opportunities for those seeking to find a highly-publicized event for which to accentuate/justify their own cause. Depending on your particular agenda, you likely have adopted one of these perspectives. I use the word “agenda” very specifically because every single person discussing this situation has a reason they are discussing it, myself included.

It’s all about opportunity in one form or another, and this situation affords itself a cornucopia of opportunity.  While this case should only be about truth, it has become much more to to so many. For that subset of people looking for justification to solidify their predetermined ideas and the opportunity to further their personal causes, this case is about race, sex, feminism, money & power.

For anyone to go through what the women who have come forward are saying they experienced is morally, ethically and legally wrong. Justice should be and needs to be handed down, there is no doubt about that. But, before you jump the gun and make an assumption of what I mean, read on. If Bill Cosby did as he is accused, justice needs to be served by him. If the accusers are making false allegations, then justice needs to be served by each and every one of them. There is an abundance of wrong doing in this case and each side has something to lose and/or gain. The stakes are high & therefore the extent to which each side will go to win cannot be ignored. But to keep things in the proper perspective, we must realize that winning  the legal case doesn’t always equate to what really happened. That, in and of itself, is demonstrative of our need to look deeper (assuming our agenda is truth and not opportunity).

From a structural standpoint, the legal case involves the defendant and his legal team & the prosecution & their legal team. The defense has 1 job and that is to defend their client & get a not guilty verdict. Everything they do is done with that end-goal in mind. This means, in part, looking for loopholes, looking for a lack of credible evidence, looking to discredit accusers & prosecution witnesses, etc. Loopholes have always been an interesting concept to me. For example, if a policeman enters your home without a warrant, searches your home and finds illegal drugs, the drugs aren’t admissible in court because the officer didn’t have a search warrant. Therefore, no charge. And yet, the fact is drugs were in the home.

The prosecution  also has 1 job and that is to win the apposing guilty verdict. They too look for, in part,  loopholes and ways to discredit all defense witnesses. Establishing the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is up to the prosecution and must be done within the rules of law. As previously established, law enforcement can’t afford to make any mistakes or they risk critical evidence being dismissed and potentially a not guilty verdict (even though guilt may be factual).

As is often the case, the only people who know what actually happened are those who are directly involved. In this case, it is only Bill Cosby and each of the accusers who know. Every other person on the planet can believe they know & worse, can & do tell others as if they know. Regardless, the fact is we don’t know. We believe what we believe and we think what we think. It’s our own moral make-up that comes through when it comes to our chosen narrative.

The correct and appropriate narratives at this point should go like this:

  • It’s not “he’s guilty”, it’s “if he’s guilty”
  • It’s not “I know he did it”, it’s “I think he did it”
  • It’s not “she’s lying”, it’s “I think she’s lying”
  • It’s not “they’re all taking advantage”, it’s “I think they’re all taking advantage”.
  • It’s amazing how different it is when we add that one word “think”.

In full disclosure, I grew up a huge fan Bill Cosby. I watched every one of his shows and had almost every one of his albums. The highlight of my summers during school was staying up until 2am to listen to “Comedy Spot” on the radio just so I could hear Bill on the radio. However, I realize that these allegations could be true, and I realize they could be false. I don’t think I will ever know for 100% certain as our justice system doesn’t guarantee that. However, I enjoyed growing up with Bill Cosby and any outcome in this case won’t change the enjoyment I experienced at those times. Will I continue to watch him on TV & buy his albums? I suspect that decision (justifiably or not) has already been made for me.

As for my agenda in all of this, I simply want to encourage people to think.

–John J. Simpson

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1-yr Later, Gene Simmons was right: Rock is Dead

 (Photo by Daniel Knighton/WireImage)

(Photo by Daniel Knighton/WireImage)

It was just over 1 year ago that Nick Simmons, son of KISS co-founder & frontman Gene Simmons, published an interview in Esquire that he did with his father entitled: Gene Simmons “Rock is Finally Dead”.

It was a great article. In it, Nick interviews his father and asks some great questions about Gene’s views on the state of the Rock business. Gene was very direct and as always backed up his statements with facts and figures. As the title suggests, the article focused on the fact Gene believes that Rock is dead. What sets this article apart is that Gene explained in detail exactly why he believed rock was dead. He did such a great job of explaining his case, which is based on pure facts, that if he were in a court of law he could have ended with “I rest my case” and the ruling would have been a slam dunk in his favor.

The article got a lot of people talking which revealed numerous interesting behaviors of the human psyche. Two of the most intriguing displays to me were 1) the way so many seemed to read only the title and consequently based their views on incomplete information and 2) the way many more justified their own “stealing” of music. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all to me was just how many people didn’t seem to understand the very basic economic principles that proved Gene’s case. In retrospect, it’s probably due to a blatant disregard coupled with a likely sense of entitlement.

Gene said in the article “The masses do not recognize file-sharing and downloading as stealing…”. I believe it’s actually more sinister than that – I think people just don’t care. For some, it’s easy to steel and if they don’t get caught there are no consequences (at least in their own minds). Justification for criminalization.

Gene went on to say that “Rock did not die of old age. It was murdered”. He couldn’t have been any more correct. Case and point: when I was a teenager and wanted to get a new album, I had to go to the record store, thumb through a bunch of albums, pick out my selection, pay for it, then take it home and power up the record player to listen to it. It was a commitment and therefore I only did it when I truly wanted the music. It was an investment in both my time and money. Today, anyone with a computer can easily find the music of their choice and with one click have it downloaded onto their phone. No money, no time, no hassle. That is murder, plain and simple.

To those who think Gene is wrong about his remarks, I would suggest you take a step back and look at the big picture. He never said there were no longer fans of rock, nor did he say there were no longer kids in garages playing their hearts out hoping to one day make it big & nor did he say no one was even recording rock anymore. It’s the business of rock that is dead. Business – that key component that ultimately allows artists to make it their full-time jobs to entertain the public. The entire ecosystem that maintained rock as a viable business entity is without a doubt dead and was murdered by some of the very people that have the arrogance to call themselves fans.

When I acquire music (which I always proudly pay for), I am telling the artists that I believe in & appreciate their work. I recognize they, and everyone involved, worked long and hard to go from a riff in their head to an entire beautifully performed, engineered, mixed, produced and mastered work of art.

In my opinion, not a single person who acquires music illegally has the right to call themselves a fan. A fan recognizes the work an artist has put into a project and would only legitimately acquire their music. THAT is the core of what makes someone a true fan. Fair and honest: the band invests their time in the work and the fan invests their money in the product. If you acquire the music illegally, your are a thief. That is simply a fact.

I understand the economic principle that acquiring something for free is financially better than acquiring it for money. But there is a moral component, a human component that comes into play in the music business. Musicians create a product purely out of emotion – that emotion is as moral and human as anything can be. If they can’t get paid for their work, they can’t continue to do their work. No money, no honey.

If you believe you have the right to acquire music without paying for it, you should tell your employer you would like to reduce your salary to zero and while your at it you should also start adding in lots of overtime. In essence, that is exactly what you are asking your favorite artists to do (and you call yourself a fan).

If you now feel like shit for being such an asshole, good. You deserve it. You are an accessory to murder.

—John J. Simpson

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(Pre) Review: Bay City Rollers Latest Album

Bay City Rollers members (left to right) Stuart Wood, Les McKeown and Alan Longmuir announce their reunion in Glasgow. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA

Bay City Rollers members (left to right) Stuart Wood, Les McKeown and Alan Longmuir announce their reunion in Glasgow. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA

The Backstory:

Upon learning that the 70’s boy-band the Bay City Rollers were getting back together after a 30-something year hiatus, I was quite excited as I have always been fond of their music and their 70’s television show. While this may date me, I recall every person I knew while growing up being huge fans of these Scottish gents wearing tartan kilts and dominating the airwaves and magazine covers at the grocery store checkout lines. It was called Rollermania and the only way you could avoid hearing about the Bay City Rollers was to be in a coma. There was no escaping it! Back to present day, they are working on an album together (the first since 1978) and are already selling out dates on their tour which starts in December.

As of this writing, the confirmed original members signed up are: lead vocalist Les McKeown, guitarist/backing vocalist, Stuart “Woody” Wood and bass guitarist/backing vocalist Alan Longmuir. According to CNN, guitarist Eric Faulkner is interested but former drummer Derik Longmuir (now a cardiologist nurse) is not. The band is now managed by John Mclaughlin who, if I may say so, is doing great job – he is just the right guy to manage this project.

When the band announced it’s first reunion concert in over 30 years was going to be December 20th at the Borrowland in Glasgow, Scotland (Scotland’s premier rock venue), tickets went so fast they added another night, and then another night and then yet another night. Rollermania has obviously been defibrillated & resuscitated (that one’s for you Derik). The dates are Dec 20th, Dec 21st, Dec 22nd and Dec 23rd. And yes, the boys will be sporting their tartans!

In honor of this good news, I decided to venture on a slightly different path and write a review of their forthcoming album – before it was even recorded. In fact, to my knowledge the songs haven’t even been written. But, being so familiar with their work both as a group and as individual artists, I feel quite confident I can nail this.

The Review:

When I heard the Bay City Rollers had a new album out, I immediately went to iTunes to buy it. The moment I saw the artwork for the album, I was both taken back in time to my teen years  filled with great memories listening to and watching these guys AND I was taken to present day where I could tell by their pictures they too had added a few years but somehow the two different emotions quickly merged into one which I’ll refer to as “The Modern Day Rollermania”. I didn’t know for sure what was to come, but I was sure it was going to be awesome!

With the album downloaded on my iPhone, I put in my Beats Earbuds by Dr Dre and hit the play button. With the first note, I was already happy. Perhaps it was the anticipation. Maybe it was the excitement. Actually, it was all that and so much more. I was immediately treated to a familiar yet unknown sound that brought a smile to my face, a dance to my step and a beat to my heart.

Every song on this album is equally magnificent, each with it’s own unique message and personality. Each members voice adds a very special characteristic to the songs. Their melodic structures with their perfectly accented harmonies are complex in structure yet somehow sound effortless. The familiarity of their voices, instrumentation and musical composition immediately invite you in and yet the new songs keep you on your toes in anticipation of the unknown that’s still to come. It’s truly a treat to be able to experience so much from music.

The album is full of these familiar, yet unknown journeys which draw you in and make you feel awesome. It’s great music, fun music, captivating vocals & harmonies that are layered atop instrumentation that morphs into a delightfully great experience.

To each member of the Bay City Rollers, I thank you for your willingness to get back together and for giving the world something fun, entertaining and meaningful. One of the reasons I think Rollermania is so powerful is that it is somewhat like the fountain of youth we all yearn for…it takes us all back in time to our own special & happy places and that’s a journey we all embrace with open arms.

I give this album and each individual band member an A+ in all categories.

John J. Simpson


Rock and Roll All Nite: The Quintessential Anthem by KISS Turns 40

(AP Photo/dpa,Britta Pedersen)

(AP Photo/dpa,Britta Pedersen)

What is an anthem? Merriam-Webster says it’s “a formal song of loyalty, praise, or happiness”. While that definition properly suits most cases, when it comes to the Rock and Roll Anthem, aka “Rock and Roll All Nite” (by the Hottest Band in the World, KISS), that definition falls very short.

40 years ago, 4 guys wearing 8″ platforms and more makeup than your mother (credit to Gene Simmons for that phrase) were in New York City working on their 3rd album (Dressed to Kill) and it was suggested they write an anthem for the very genre they quickly came to redefine and dominate, Rock and Roll. The idea was to create a song that would in and of itself represent all that the music stood for. In other words, if you had to sum up what Rock and Roll was all about, listening to this song would do the trick. Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley got together and did just that. The year was 1975.

40 years later, “Rock and Roll All Nite” has endured as THE Rock and Roll anthem. It was initially released on April 2nd 1975 via Casablanca records and was produced by Neil Bogart and KISS. The song was originally recorded by Gene SimmonsPaul StanleyAce Frehley and Peter Criss.  KISS has recorded several versions of the song (1 studio, many live) which have appeared on 18 KISS albums/DVD’s and the song was most recently featured in the “Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery” movie (released July 10, 2015). In 2008 it was named the 16th greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1.

What makes a great song and what makes a great anthem are two different things. However, you can’t have the latter without the former. A great song has a melody you can’t get out of your head, lyrics that resonate with the listener, a beat you find yourself moving to and that magical something that can instantly turn a bad mood into a great one the moment the song starts playing. A great anthem is all of that yet so much more. An anthem is somewhat like a corporate mission statement. It doesn’t represent just an idea, it represents and defines a path for an entire philosophy. “Rock and Roll All Nite” clearly not only meets that objective, it eclipses it.

There are numerous songs that are considered staples in Rock and Roll. However, when you ask virtually anyone on the planet which one song best represents what Rock and Roll is all about they will undoubtedly say “Rock and Roll All Nite by KISS“. Simply stated, there is no other song that properly epitomizes or even closely exemplifies what Rock and Roll is all about. The genius of “Rock and Roll All Nite” is that the message is clearly yet succinctly stated (lyrics) and the vehicle by which that message is delivered (KISS) is truly larger than life. These two distinct properties coalesced resulting in a newly-defined perpetual masterpiece. It would become KISS‘s magnum opus.

For  Gene Simmons   and Paul Stanley, the song’s title was an obvious one “Rock and Roll All Nite”.  It summed up exactly what they were all about – being the band they always wanted to see (credit to Paul Stanley for that phrase).

The second lyrical phrase in the chorus “and party every day” is a brilliant phrase not just because the statement naturally expands the predecessors message and not just because those that “party” in the traditional sense can relate to it, but because anyone can relate to it. “Party every day” means different things to different people – but the very nature of the phrase in this context is about continuing the journey experienced during the concert throughout the next day. In other words, the excitement doesn’t have to stop at the end of the night. You can embrace it as part of your daily life.

While the lyrics can be interpreted many ways, the song is about a movement, a state of mind, a way of life and a celebration of all of the above. As for the music itself, it is beautifully  simplistic in structure (rooted to the 1, 4, 5-7) yet is brilliantly accented and carried with a rolling bass line throughout that completely supports and compliments the melodic structure of the lead vocals (bass guitar and lead vocals by  Gene Simmons).

The chorus of any great anthem represents the very foundation of your soul. It’s the icing on the cake (Gene  loves sweets so I wanted to throw that in there just for him). “I wanna Rock and Roll all nite, and party every day”. So simple, yet so right.

“Rock and Roll all Nite” is the song every  KISS  fan can’t wait to hear live. It’s usually the last song of the show and therefore it’s a bitter-sweet experience. However, the song is so powerful and the energy and heart KISS  puts into playing it live make every audience feel like they are a part of the concert – as if the audience was on stage performing it with KISS. 64,000 people nightly are singing along, playing air-guitars and drums, clapping, screaming, cheering and are one with the hottest band in the world.

In sporting events, the National Anthem is performed at the beginning of the event which gets the audience and both teams excited and pumped up for what is yet to come. With one team usually winning a game, playing the National Anthem at the end of the event when 1/2 of the audience just had their team lose the game would not be nearly as exciting or effective. It simply wouldn’t work. Conversely, every audience member at a KISS concert is first treated to the ultimate two-hour Rock and Roll show and therefore when KISS plays “Rock and Roll All Nite” as the encore, every single person in attendance is celebrating as they have ALL just won the Super Bowl of Rock. There are no losers at a KISS concert.

And, when KISS  finishes “Rock and Roll All Nite” & thus the concert, each member of the audience is probably as tired and yet equally as energized as the 4 guys on stage who just spent two hours giving them everything they had (not to mention doing this while running around a huge stage blasted with hot lights, fog, explosions, fireworks and all while wearing 30-50 pounds of costumes/gear). This is the essence of why KISS  and their “Rock and Roll All Nite” anthem have endured and why KISS  will live on long after Gene and Paul  stop performing.

Thank you, Gene and Paul, for creating this quintessential anthem and thank you to each and every KISS member past (Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick) and present (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer) that has had the privilege of performing this prodigious piece of art.

For 40 years, fans all over the world “keep on shoutin’ I wanna Rock and Roll all Night, and party every day” and they owe it all to you.

— John J. Simpson




REVIEW: “Kiss Me” single by Rebel featuring Sophie Tweed-Simmons


Sophie Tweed-Simmons just released a single with Rebel called “Kiss Me” which beautifully illustrates her captivating, seductive and delightful voice. Sophie, daughter of KISS founder/front man Gene Simmons and wife Shannon Tweed Simmons, teamed up with Rebel and the end result is a wonderful, catchy song that to be perfectly honest I can’t get out of my head.

“Kiss Me” has a melody that stands on it’s own but is enormously accentuated with such an awesome voice singing every word with so much emotion and musical accuracy, it results in a composition that simply makes you feel great.

Sophie’s voice is fantastic. In fact, her voice is the ultimate example of vocals as an instrument. Her strong and yet purposefully relaxed voice, coupled with the songs wonderful lyrics, are perfectly nested atop a foundation of instrumentation accompanied by an arrangement that is nothing short of magical.

“Kiss Me”, technically speaking, makes brilliant use of of the call-and-response technique which perfectly balances the accentuation of vocal points with delicate and deliberate  instrumentation – resulting in a sort of conversation between voice and instrumentation. It’s very subtle, but it is definitely there and it suits the song perfectly.

Fortunately, every nuance of Sophie’s voice is captured in this recording. From the quick breath of air preceding the start of lyrical phrases to the perfectly-controlled vibrato at the end some of those very phrases and everything in between, the listener is blessed with an angelic voice that makes listening to “Kiss Me” not only effortless, but mesmerizing.

Simply put, “Kiss Me” is one of those songs that will often just pop in your head and one that you’ll catch yourself humming throughout the day.

Get the single here at iTunes

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Donald J. Trump: The Art of the Presidency (part 1)


Donald J. Trump isn’t just another in a long list of people who hope to become President of the United States. He is the only candidate who actually wants to make America great again. And the best part is he knows how to do it.

I don’t know about you, but I find it quite curious that the standard operating procedure for politicians is to hire a staff of experts that do everything from speech writing to public relations and damage control. To me, if you have to hire people to write your speeches & people to make you look good when you are negligent or do something wrong, you shouldn’t be in any office. If you aren’t capable of (or willing to) speak from your heart & directly/honestly tell people what you think without the use of writers, advisers and teleprompters, why should you be taken seriously as a candidate?

The natural rebuttal to my position on this subject would be something like “politicians focus on their strengths such as core issues and strategic processes to best serve the public and therefore utilize ancillary experts whose strengths are best communicating their employers position to the voters”. Professionals call that spinning, I call it bullshit.

Merrian-Webster defines politcal correctness as “agreeing with the idea that people should be careful to not use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people”. “Could offend” is subject to interpretation and as such covers so much ground that it’s impossible to not offend someone at some point. I have always found it ironic that politics is built on this idea that by definition means people may have to dance around the truth. The truth sometimes hurts, but it IS the truth. Under this premise, perhaps the definition of “politics” itself should be amended to say “getting and keeping power in a government regardless of the fact you may not have the best interest of the people at heart“. Just reading that probably offends many of you. If it does, ask yourself why.

Mr. Trump says what so many others want to say: the truth without fear of repercussions. If he doesn’t like you, he’ll tell you why & to your face. If agrees with you, he’ll tell you why & to your face. If he likes a policy he’ll fight tooth and nail for it and if he disagrees with it he’ll not only tell you why but he will back it up with factual data. How could you accept anything less in a Presidential candidate? Perhaps you are insecure and/or maybe you have ulterior motives.

Americans are used to, and obviously widely accept, the practice of spinning. It happens every day in virtually every aspect of life. Politics is no exception and arguably may even represent the mother of all spinning. In fact, politics may be the avenue the spinners who work for celebrities aspire to go to mark their highest career point. I refer to these masters of political spinning as the cirque du soleil of spinning. They can dance, sing, entertain and create a fabulous show with just a few props and water. But at the end of the night, the makeup and costumes come off and we find out they can’t really fly.

Mr. Trump knows how to write and negotiate deals and he has a network of the greatest business minds who want to join him in making this country great again. This country needs a total reorganization from the top down. The traditional political foundation needs to be torn down and a solid business-centric one built in it’s place. If you don’t think this country should be run like a business, don’t complain about unemployment, the deficit or even the fact you may have trouble getting a small business loan.

The buzz words most often thrown around at election time are jobs, opportunity, secure retirement and the military. Politics don’t create jobs, business does. Politics don’t create opportunity, business does. Politics don’t make your retirement secure, business does. Spinners will choreograph great dance moves to convince you otherwise but at the end of the day it is all about business. Therefore, lets quit focusing on the dance and start selling tickets.

The Military needs to file for divorce from it’s political spouse and the military needs to get in bed with business. Politics has lost focus and is quite frankly too far removed from the actual task at hand: making America great again. We are currently so wrapped in the “politics” of war that we are literally giving weapons and infrastructure to those who will one day use them against us.

If Mr. Trump becomes President of the United States, it won’t be about politics, it will be about business. That, in and of itself, is probably the reason some simply can’t comprehend the idea of “President Trump”. The Oval Office will no doubt take an unprecedented turn from an outside-interests structure to an American-interests structure. Decision will be made based on the good of the country and not the good of those offering money for decisions.

Americans as a whole must change their way of thinking. We must be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. The status quo simply doesn’t work and is not sustainable. And if you’re happy with the status quo, I might suggest you check into the Bedlamite Hotel & Spa (they have padded walls, provide the finest brand-name straight jackets and have the latest in shock therapy equipment).

Donald J. Trump can and will make America great again. I’m all for it. Why? Jobs, opportunity, financial security, a secure United States of America and no bullshit.

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The Business of Misleading Headlines – Gene Simmons Vindicated

If you think you can glance at the headlines to get a quick update on the facts you are dead wrong. In fact the manipulation of headlines (or as I refer to as “The Business of Misleading Headlines”) is a common practice designed to get your attention and to hopefully get you to read on. However, those who systematically & quite creatively craft those headlines know full well they are often times setting aside transparency, accuracy and fairness in order to suck you in. The problem – a rush to judgement by some viewers and a plethora of misinformation being blasted all over social media.

cnntwitterCase and point, last night I was catching up on my twitter and all of a sudden saw a constant flood of tweets regarding a search warrant being served at the home of Gene Simmons. One of the first tweets I saw was from CNN which simply stated ” A search warrant was served at the home of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, the Los Angeles Police Department says.” I then saw a tweet from USA Today that read “A special task force investigating crimes against children searched the home of Gene Simmons.”.  The was the first of many outright malicious, blatantly misleading tweets that would try to dominate social media. The internet then usatodaywent crazy with individuals, organizations and “robots” retweeting these and so many more tweets like them. As if that weren’t bad enough, I then began to see people tweeting hateful things as if the headlines told the whole story. In other words, people were believing the “hype” and perpetuating that misinformation. I dug a little deeper and quickly saw a tweet by CBS reporter Peter Daut that stated “At @GeneSimmons‘ home tonight where LAPD detectives searched earlier. We want to be VERY clear: Neither Simmons nor his peter_daut_CBSLA_KUDOSfamily are suspects.”.  Peter’s tweet was the first tweet I saw that I thought was indicative of a professional reporter taking journalism seriously. I appreciated his professionalism so much, I tweeted him to thank him.tweettoPeter

As I saw a constant floor of tweets and retweets from people who were not clarifying their headlines and stating false information as though it were gospel, I took it upon myself to reply to as many of those tweets as I could with clarified info via LAPD that Gene, nor his family, were suspects. I got into a few heated debates with some people that were clearly looking for trouble & I turned many people onto the truth which they graciously acknowledged. I took every chance to provide links/quotes so people who were jumping to conclusions would get clarification. While everyone should know better than to take a headline at face value, people will be people and I just couldn’t stand on the sidelines of such ignorance.

While “reading on” may clarify the details, the members of the press have a responsibility to know their readers and to their credit they do. Unfortunately, the readership traits the press focuses on are geared more towards business practices and less on journalistic practices.

Will it change? Of course not. Why? Ratings, advertising & competition.

To everyone who rushes to judgement and wants to jump on the haters bandwagons (of any subject), I wish you the same treatment you provide your targets.

In terms of Gene Simmons and his family, the LAPD said it best: “Simmons and family NOT suspects.”.