Why Kanye West is right about Bill Cosby


In case you missed it, here is the tweet that lit up twitter yesterday by Kanye West and is in fact still making headlines today:


Who would have thought 3 simple words could cause so much controversy. After repeatedly hearing about this tweet, I wanted to go beyond the headlines and take a deep look into the criminal case against Bill Cosby and see what I could find out. As it turns out, after reading the Affidavit of Probable Cause that accompanied the Criminal Complaint filed on behalf of Andrea Constand, I firmly believe Kanye hit the nail on the head. And here is why.

  • If allegations by plaintiff that the first time she went to defendants’ home was for a dinner prepared by defendants’ private chef in which no other known guests were to be present, AND it was at this meeting that defendant made direct physical and unwelcomed sexual advances “touched her pants, her waist and her inner thigh” (Section 1 ,Paragraph 2), then why did plaintiff return at a later date to defendants’ home for a “social visit” as well as numerous other occasions (Section 1 ,Paragraph 4)?
  • Why did plaintiff “consume a couple of glasses of wine” during this second visit if plaintiffs’ accusations of defendants actions during previous visit were true? This is not behavior consistent with someone who has experienced unwelcomed sexual advances.
  • Plaintiff alleges defendant “out of the blue…unbuttoned her pants and began touching her” (Section 1 ,Paragraph 3).
    • Plaintiff states defendant “unbuttoned her pants” which implies all buttons versus stating “some buttons” or “started to unbutton”. Normal behavior for someone experiencing such unwelcome behavior would be to immediately stop the person making such advances at the start and not wait until her pants had been unbuttoned and subsequent touching would begin.
    • As both parties were sitting on the couch at the time this is alleged to have happened, the time it would take to unbutton even 1 button on the pants worn by someone sitting next to or across from you would be more than ample time to stop the behavior before it progressed, if the advances were truly not welcome.
    • CONCLUSION: Plaintiff was not rejecting (alleged) romantic advances
      • It takes time to unbutton even just 1 button on someone’s pants, especially when the person wearing said pants is sitting down.
      • The time it would take to successfully unbutton 1 button and then begin touching someone is more indicative of an initial welcoming of alleged romantic advances than that of someone who supposedly has a previous history of unwelcomed such advances who would more than likely take immediate action to stop the advances.
  • Section 1, Paragraph 4
    • “Despite these advances by Cosby, the victim trusted him and continued to accept his invitations to social and professional functions”.
    • e. “a dinner at his home with a group of his friends and persons working in the Philadelphia restaurant community”
    • e. “a dinner at his Cheltenham home for a meeting with “academic people” including the President of Swarthmore College and professors from the University of Pennsylvania”
    • e. “She went to Cosby’s New York City home to meet with one of Cosby’s influential entertainment industry contacts”
    • e. “at his home”
    • e. “once at a casino in Connecticut”

CONCLUSION: Plaintiff has no credibility and absolutely no basis regarding her allegations as demonstrated by her voluntary decision to meet with the defendant on numerous occasions at his home even after unwelcome sexual advances were alleged to have first occurred. If unwelcome sexual advances were made by the defendant, there is no logical reason why the plaintiff would have “trusted him (defendant) and continued to accept his invitations to social and professional functions”.

What really happened? Only two people know. However, after reading the Affidavit of Probable Cause, it seems perfectly clear the allegations made by the plaintiff are absolutely false. There are too many inconsistencies and too many examples of behavior not indicative of how people would react to the such allegations.

I applaud Kanye West for taking to twitter to share his thoughts regarding Bill Cosby.