“KISS ROCKS VEGAS” Rocked the World!


I was just one of millions of fans all over the world who not only couldn’t wait to see the “KISS ROCKS VEGAS” movie, I couldn’t wait to EXPERIENC it. Because, as we all know, everything KISS does they do larger than life, in your face, loud & proud, and bigger & better than anyone else ever has, or ever will. KISS, for 43 years and counting, is bar none “The Hottest Band in World”.

“KISS ROCKS VEGAS” was filmed in Las Vegas during the bands 9-show residency at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Casino in November of 2014. As someone who was there when the band landed in the parking lot of the casino in a helicopter on opening night through the last fans chanting “WE WANT KISS, WE WANT KISS!” when the band left the stage after the last show, I can tell you “KISS ROCKS VEGAS” was as close to being there as you can get. It was the ultimate way to re-live the best concert I had ever seen.

The amount of work and the number of people it took to pull of such a concert event is mindboggling. As each band-member points out during the interview segment of the movie, trying to bring in a stadium-sized stage and show into an intimate venue would be a huge undertaking, if at all even possible. Yet, in true KISS fashion, they not only did it, they blew away their own expectations. They hired the best set designers & builders, recruited the best light designers, sought out the best audio engineers, utilized the latest cutting-edge technology, planned, rehearsed and with great fanfare met their goal to do the impossible, yet again.

While it’s common to have fans getting out of their seats screaming, playing air-guitar/drums, singing, clapping, chanting & applauding at a concert venue, it’s doesn’t happen in a movie theater…unless KISS is involved.  On May 25th, 2016 all that and more was happening in theaters all over the world. It is truly a KISS world!

“KISS ROCKS VEGAS” starts with a series of KISS factoids flashed on the screen, followed by an interview segment with each of the band members, then goes into the actual concert. During the interview segment, Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric each discuss the challenges involved in this huge undertaking as well as tell some personal stories. The audience feels very connected to each member and this section really sets the tone for what was about to come.

The concert was nothing shy of magnificent. It was everything you’d expect from a KISS performance and so much more. I can’t understand how for 43 years and counting a band can continue to out-do themselves at every turn but this is obviously standard operating procedure for KISS. Each member relentlessly gives 110% to be sure the fans are happy. Unlike so many other bands, KISS empathizes with the fans and realizes they spend their hard-earned money to see the best rock and roll show on the planet and they each feel a sense of responsibility to deliver that – and they do. It’s not just personal experience for the fans, it’s a personal journey for the band.

“KISS ROCKS VEGAS” is another chapter in KISStory. And like every chapter so far, it exceeds all expectations, peaks all of the senses, and reminds you that the next chapter will be even better.

KISS – The Hottest Band in the World.


Special thanks to: Shannon T Simmons & Sara Tweed-Stafford



REVIEW: “Kiss Me” single by Rebel featuring Sophie Tweed-Simmons


Sophie Tweed-Simmons just released a single with Rebel called “Kiss Me” which beautifully illustrates her captivating, seductive and delightful voice. Sophie, daughter of KISS founder/front man Gene Simmons and wife Shannon Tweed Simmons, teamed up with Rebel and the end result is a wonderful, catchy song that to be perfectly honest I can’t get out of my head.

“Kiss Me” has a melody that stands on it’s own but is enormously accentuated with such an awesome voice singing every word with so much emotion and musical accuracy, it results in a composition that simply makes you feel great.

Sophie’s voice is fantastic. In fact, her voice is the ultimate example of vocals as an instrument. Her strong and yet purposefully relaxed voice, coupled with the songs wonderful lyrics, are perfectly nested atop a foundation of instrumentation accompanied by an arrangement that is nothing short of magical.

“Kiss Me”, technically speaking, makes brilliant use of of the call-and-response technique which perfectly balances the accentuation of vocal points with delicate and deliberate  instrumentation – resulting in a sort of conversation between voice and instrumentation. It’s very subtle, but it is definitely there and it suits the song perfectly.

Fortunately, every nuance of Sophie’s voice is captured in this recording. From the quick breath of air preceding the start of lyrical phrases to the perfectly-controlled vibrato at the end some of those very phrases and everything in between, the listener is blessed with an angelic voice that makes listening to “Kiss Me” not only effortless, but mesmerizing.

Simply put, “Kiss Me” is one of those songs that will often just pop in your head and one that you’ll catch yourself humming throughout the day.

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